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How to add a TA or co-instructor

How to use the gradebook

How to add PPT slides or Word documents

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TLC Learn Tech Portal

For direct support on your questions or inquiries for consultation, e-mail or call 778.782.9607

[TLC - Learn Tech Portal]
[TLC - Learning Management Systems]

Videos for FAQ

Student help 

The Student FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will answer many questions and has links to tutorials (requires login) on the most common WebCT tools.

Designers, instructors and teaching assistants

Start here

Requesting A Course Container: VIDEO

Are you new to WebCT? Start here for an introduction and access to tutorial on the WebCT interface. If you are wondering who's who in WebCT, different access roles in WebCT include: administrator, designer, instructor, teaching assistant, student or auditor.

Collaboration, content and assessment in WebCT

  • Collaborate: Communicate with your students or provide a communications forum using the mail, discussions and announcements tools. Create groups and manage group work and student presentations using the group manager tool.

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