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== Research Interests ==

Statistical Methodology Papers in Refereed Journals

  1. Jingfei Zhang and Jiguo Cao, 2017, "Finding Common Modules in a Time-Varying Network with Application to the Drosophila Melanogaster Gene Regulation Network". Journal of the American Statistical Association, 112, 994-1008. It has a supplementary file
  2. Yunlong Nie, Liangliang Wang and Jiguo Cao, 2017, "Estimating Time-Varying Directed Gene Regulation Networks". Biometrics, 73, 1231-1242. It has a supplementary file.
  3. Baisen Liu, Liangliang Wang, Jiguo Cao, 2017, "Estimating Functional Linear Mixed-Effects Regression Models". Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 106, 153-164.
  4. Jianghu (James) Dong, Liangliang Wang, Jagbir Gill and Jiguo Cao, 2017, "Functional Principal Component Analysis of GFR Curves after Kidney Transplant". Accepted by Statistical Methods in Medical Research. It has a supplementary file..
  5. Yunlong Nie, Liangliang Wang, Baisen Liu and Jiguo Cao, 2017, "Supervised Functional Principal Component Analysis". Accepted by Statistics and Computing. It has a supplementary file.
  6. Peijun Sang, Liangliang Wang and Jiguo Cao, 2017, "Parametric Functional Principal Component Analysis". Biometrics, 73, 802-810. The supplementary file and R codes can be downloaded at http://people.stat.sfu.ca/~cao/Research/PFPCA.htm
  7. Xinyu Zhang, Jiguo Cao, Raymond J. Carroll, 2017, "Estimating Varying Coefficients for Partial Differential Equation Models". Biometrics, 73, 949-959.
  8. Zhenhua Lin, Jiguo Cao, Liangliang Wang, Haonan Wang, 2017, "Locally Sparse Estimator for Functional Linear Regression Models". Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 26, 306-318. The supplementary file, an R package, and Matlab codes can be downloaded at http://people.stat.sfu.ca/~cao/Research/FLR/
  9. Jiguo Cao, Liangliang Wang, Zhongwen Huang, Junyi Gai, and Rongling Wu, 2017, "Functional Mapping of Multiple Dynamic Traits". Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics, 22, 60-75..
  10. Nicole Croteau, Farouk S Nathoo, Jiguo Cao, Ryan Budney, 2017, "High-Dimensional Classification for Brain Decoding". Springer Publishing: Edited Refereed Volume/Book, Theme: Big and Complex Data Analysis: Statistical Methodologies and Applications.
  11. Zhenhua Lin, Liangliang Wang, Jiguo Cao, 2016, "Interpretable Functional Principal Component Analysis". Biometrics, 72, 846-854. This paper has a supplementary file. The computing code can be download here.
  12. Xinyu Zhang, Jiguo Cao, Raymond J. Carroll, 2015, "On the Selection of Ordinary Differential Equation Models With Application to Predator-Prey Dynamical Models". Biometrics, 71, 131-138.
  13. Douglas G. Woolford, Charmaine B. Dean, David L. Martell,Jiguo Cao, B.M. Wotton, 2014, "Lightning-caused Forest Fire Risk in Northwestern Ontario, Canada is Increasing and Associated with Anomalies in Fire-Weather". Environmetrics, 25, 406–416.
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  19. J. Cao, J. Z. Huang and H. Wu (2012) "Penalized Nonlinear Least Squares Estimation of Time-Varying Parameters in Ordinary Differential Equations". Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 21, 42-56.
  20. J. Cao, J. Cai, L. Wang (2012) "Estimating Curves and Derivatives with Parametric Penalized Spline Smoothing". Statistics and Computing, 22(5), 1059-1067.
    • A Matlab package is developed for Parametric Penalized Spline Smoothing. Please download the package here. You also need to download the FDA package to use it. There is also a web-page demonstration for how to use this package.
  21. J. Cao and W. Yao (2012) "Semiparametric Mixture of Binomial regression with a degenerate component". Statistica Sinica, 22, 27-46.
  22. J. Cao (2012) "Estimating Generalized Semiparametric Additive Models using Parameter Cascading". Statistics and Computing, 22(4), 857-865.
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  26. L. M. Ainsworth, R. Routledge, and J. Cao (2011) "Functional Data Analysis in Ecosystem Research: the Decline of Oweekeno Lake Sockeye Salmon and Wannock River Flow". Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics 16(2), 282-300.
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Statistical Application Papers in Refereed Journals

  1. Gerald S. Zavorsky, Connie C. W. Hsia, J. Michael B. Hughes, Colin D. R. Borland, Hervé Guénard, Ivo van der Lee, Irene Steenbruggen, Robert Naeije, Jiguo Cao, Anh Tuan Dinh-Xuan, 2016, ``Standardization and application of the single-breath determination of nitric oxide uptake in the lung". European Respiratory Journal, 49. pii: 1600962.
  2. Mikael Sodergren, Colleen McGregor, Hugo A. Farne, Jiguo Cao, Zhijun Lv, Sanjay Purkayastha, Thanos Athanasiou, Ara Darzi, Paraskevas Paraskeva, 2013, ``A randomized comparative study evaluating learning curves of novices in a basic single-incision laparoscopic surgery task". Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery, 17, 569-575.
  3. Nicoleta O. Kolozsvari, Amin Andalib, Pepa Kaneva, Jiguo Cao, Melina C. Vassiliou, Gerald M. Fried, Liane S. Feldman, 2011, ``Sex is not everything: The role of gender in early performance of a fundamental laparoscopic skill". Surgical Endoscopy, 25, 1037-1042.
  4. Nicoleta O. Kolozsvari, Pepa Kaneva, Chantalle Brace, Genevieve Chartrand, Marilou Vaillancourt, Jiguo Cao, Daniel Banaszek, Melina C. Vassiliou, Gerald M. Fried, Liane S. Feldman, 2011, ``Mastery versus standard proficiency target for basic laparoscopic skill training: Effect on skill transfer and retention". Surgical Endoscopy, 25, 2063 2070.
  5. Lorenzo E. Ferri, Jonathan Cools-Lartigue, Jiguo Cao, Linda Miller, Serge Mayrand, Gerald M. Fried, and Gail Darling, 2010, ``Clinical Predictors of Achalasia". Diseases of the Esophagus, 23, 76-81.
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  8. Gerald S. Zavorsky, Jiguo Cao, Nancy E. Mayo, Rina Gabbay, and Juan M. Murias, 2007, ``Arterial versus Capillary Blood Gases: a Meta-analysis". Respiratory Physiology \& Neurobiology, 155(3), 268-279.
  9. A. L. McCluney, M. C. Vassiliou, P. A. Kaneva, Jiguo Cao, D. D. Stanbridge, L. S. Feldman, and G. M. Fried, 2007, ``FLS simulator performance predicts intraoperative laparoscopic skill", Surgical Endoscopy, 21(11), 1991-1995.
  10. A. Taqi, L. S. Feldman, N. E. Mayo, Jiguo Cao, J. Winocour, F. Carli, G. M. Fried, 2006, ``Validation of the Two Minute Walk Test (2MWT) as an objective measure of in-hospital postoperative recovery", Journal of Surgical Research, 130(2), 211.
  11. Jiguo Cao, Marie-France Valois, and Mark S. Goldberg, 2006, ``An S-Plus Function to Calculate Relative Risks for Regression Models Using Natural Splines", Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 84, 58-62.

Refereed Publications in Conference Proceedings

  1. Jiguo Cao and Guangzhe Fan, 2010, ``Signal Classification Using Random Forest with Kernels", AICT, page 191-195, IEEE Sixth Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications.
  2. Guangzhe Fan, Jiguo Cao, and Jiheng Wang, 2010, ``Functional Classification for Temporal Gene Expression Data with Kernel-Induced Random Forest", page 77-81, IEEE Symposium of Computational Intelligence of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

Non-refereed contributions

  1. Peijun Sang, Yunlong Nie, and Jiguo Cao, 2015, ``Comments on: Probability Enhanced Effective Dimension Reduction for Classifying Sparse Functional Data", TEST.
  2. Jiguo Cao, Xin Qi and Hongyu Zhao, 2012, ``Modelling gene regulation networks using ordinary differential equations", Chapter 12 in the book Next Generation Microarray Bioinformatics, Humana Press, edited by Junbai Wang, Aik-choon Tan, and Tianhai Tian.
  3. Jiguo Cao and Liangliang Wang, 2011, Discussion of the paper ``Riemann manifold Langevin and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo methods" by Girolami and Calderhead. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B 73, 177-178.
  4. Jiguo's PhD Thesis (2006)