Furthering Community-Based Learning

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Please use the page to add your ideas as to how to further CBL at SFU. Feel free to add both new sections and ideas to current sections.

For more information about Community-Based Learning at SFU, visit the related wiki or website.

Long term goals

Where do we want to see this go? Should this be an informal network of practitioners or a coordinated effort?


What values should any coordinated effort be based on?


What sort of people should be involved? What skills or experience should they have?


Many areas of campus do CBL work - Work Integrated Learning, LIDC, Semester in Dialogue, SFPIRG, individual faculty, departments, Continuing Studies. Where should the leading force come from? Where should strategic collaborations exist?

Potential Areas of focus


A policy/public statement on principles of good practice of CBL at SFU.

Online portal

If faculty, students, community organizations, community members (activists/advocates), staff had an online space to find each other, what would you want to know about each, or what would you want to share about yourself?


  • Where they volunteer/serve the community (beyond the university); e.g. board of directors for arts organization, mentor to youth, coach, etc)
  • Issue or organization-type based research priorities


  • interests
  • CBL courses taking

Community Organizations/Issues

  • expertise (e.g. for potential guest/sessional lecturing)

Community Members



  • Should CBL focus on certain community sectors (e.g. povery, children, environment)?
  • Partner with specific organization in multiple courses.


  • Supporting faculty engaging in CBL
  • Solicitng projects/opportunities - community outreach
  • Solicity potential courses/faculty/students - campus outreach
  • Represent CBL in department/faculty/university curriculum or teaching/learning reviews especially re: experiential learning focus


  • Applying for grants to support faculty and community organization's efforts
  • Community-University Engagement

Public Relations/Recognition

  • news stories about CBL efforts
  • financial or other awards to faculty/students/community orgs+members/departments