Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) Within the Workplace

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Here are a few tips about sources, subject headings, and strategies that you may want to start with. Note that these tips are just a start: think broadly about the sort of information you need and about who might have that information (government/association/academic/news/etc.).

Articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers

A. Try searching in Business Source Complete using various combinations of such Subjects as:

  • Social networks
  • Business networks
  • Business enterprises
  • Application software
  • Labor productivity
  • Industrial productivity
  • Innovation adoption
  • Personal Internet use in the workplace
  • Employee rules
  • Work environment
  • Guidelines
  • Web sites
  • Microblogs
  • Liability (Law)
  • Online Social Networks
  • Facebook, Inc.
  • Blogs
  • Web 2.0
  • MySpace Inc.
  • Social Media
  • Personnel management

B. For more of a Canadian perspective, try CBCA Business and look for articles using the same terms--but as keywords--that you used in BSC (subject headings will be different in each database). Also try Canadian Newsstand for Canadian newspaper articles.

C. Try the following two "IT-focused" databases if the Business/News articles aren't answering all your questions: ACM Digital Library and IEEE/IEE Electronic Library.

I noticed, for instance, that the ACM database lists a potentially relevant research proposal: "Social networking, social network technologies, and the enterprise." Being just a proposal, it doesn't have research results, but the literature review it includes might be useful. Also, I see that it uses the term "Corporate Social Networking Technologies" -- possibly worth using in other searches?


A. Start with the SFU Library catalogue, but also try some of the local public libraries. There isn't a single, perfect subject heading for this topic, but a keyword search along the lines of (business enterprises and computer* and employee*) does appear to unearth a few relevant titles In general, however, you will need to think more broadly to get useful books. For example, a keyword search for ("personnel management" and policies) will get you books on what goes into a good personnel policy, whether it is on computer use in the workplace or not.

Other resources

A. Some of the resources discussed at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference seem possibly relevant. Check out their free webcasts and the BrainYard to start...

B. Our Datamonitor360 database might have some useful reports. Try a search for "Enterprise 2.0" to start. Note, though, that our subscription to Datamonitor360 will expire on June 19th.

C. Some of the topics assigned in previous BUS 360W classes were similar to this one. The research tips that I compiled for those topics may include some relevant resources for this one:

D. I tried an exploratory search in Business Source Complete and unearthed a short practitioner news article on exactly this topic. This article mentioned a research study released by Watson Wyatt. After a bit of Googling, I found that the firm is now Towers Watson, and that they still do interesting studies of the ROI of improved internal communications for companies. See, for example, this recent report.

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