SFU Public Wiki

The SFU Public Wiki is a space that is publicly visible to the world, where anybody with an SFU Computing Account can add or update information about SFU and topics related to being a member of the SFU Community. This is a good place to engage in public scholarship as part of a class or as part of your personal studies and research.

Use a wiki for collaborative documentation

Instructors or researchers can obtain an SFU Wiki to create, organize and collaborate with your students or collegues. A wiki can be provided for class use when requested by an instructor, as well as for research groups who need collaborative space.

Instructors or researchers who would like to use the Wiki service should email wiki@sfu.ca, with the class section(s) of students, and any instructors, TAs, etc. that should have access to the Wiki.

Collaborative Tools for Students

Students looking for collaborative space for group work should investigate Sakai. Sakai is a new service in which you can create your own workspaces without having to request them. You can have multiple worksites, each of which can include tools such as wikis, blogs and resources that are specifically tuned for group collaboration. Sakai is great for work, project, and study groups.

The Sandbox Wiki

Anybody with an active SFU Computing Account can also experiment with the Sandbox Wiki to try the editing features of t he wiki in an environment that is only visible to people at SFU. The sandbox is not intended to be used for permanent information, just as a place for exploration and experimentation with the wiki software. The content in the sandbox may be removed during a service upgrade or in a small number of ot her cases. If you wish to have your information in a more permanent space, please use the SFU Public Wiki instead, or request a wiki for your particular purpose